Are you a working woman? Here are 6 Expert Health Tips for you.

Let’s face it! Women today do need some advice on how to improve their health and the doctor’s appointment and time is becoming shorter and shorter to discuss everything. Here are 10 Health Tips for working Women from an Expert given by Dr. Alyssa Dweck why is OB-GYN and the co-author of ‘V is for Vagina’, your own doctor might suggest:

Find Stress reduction methods

Stress can cause infertility depression, anxiety, and heart disease. Try to reduce too much work and relax. Look up some stress relieving techniques.

Eating in moderation is better than dieting

Try to get a good mix of healthy fat, smart carbohydrates, lean protein, and fiber. Crash diets are major stress in their own right. So don’t over dieting.

Do not overdose on calcium

While calcium is much required in the body for women, it’s best to check the levels of calcium in the body and consult a doctor if medication is needed. Too much absorbing calcium may increase the risk of heart disease and kidney stones. Look up natural calcium rich sources such as almonds, milk, and salmon.

Talk to your doctor early if you want kids

Fertility can start declining from the age of 32. You may not be ready for a baby yet, but talk to your doctor regarding options like freezing eggs

Don’t skip your yearly check up and doctor’s visit

There are specific tests that should be taken regularly such as; if you are 21 or older you should get a Pap test every 3 years. If you are between 30 and 65 you should get pap Pap and HPV test every 5 years. Visit your doctor with all tests yearly to ensure that potential infections and sexual complaints can be addressed early.

Enjoy good sex

Good sex is known to lower risk of chronic disease and reduce stress but only if you enjoy it. If pain or dryness is preventing your from sexual fulfillment, talk to your doctor for a solution


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